Just to let you know that due to your meters and Q-loggers being installed we’ve been able to trace massive “leaks” to our cyclowash canopy and main dishwasher.

Vinyard Hotel

Property Managers

Many of South Africa’s leading property management firms rely on Apex Innovation for accurate tenant billing and energy management programs. Through project specific solutions, in-field expertise and technical support, Apex Innovation is the forerunner in submetering for multi-residential, institutional, and commercial properties.


Incorporating utility meters and submetering systems into any project takes planning and good communication. Apex Innovation works with developers to achieve the most efficient design, competitive budgeting, on-time deployment and seamless integration of meter systems for new builds or retrofit projects.

Consultants & Engineers

Energy consultants, electrical and mechanical engineers have critical decisions to make on the metering of a new or retrofit project. With extensive experience in the field, Apex Innovation is the ideal partner for assisting with metering system design, budgeting, deployment and integration.

Contractors & Wholesalers

Contractors and wholesalers across the country turn to Apex Innovation to deliver end-to-end solutions for all their metering and submetering needs. Whether it’s a single meter supply and installation or a complete system plan and integration, Apex Innovation has the experience in assessing the project’s needs and delivering.